Auto Finesse Detail

Auto Finesse Detail

Auto Finesse protection detail from £200

Auto Finesse have a wide range of luxury high grade detailing products to wash, de-contaminate, cleanse ant protect the vehicles surfaces from the elements.

Auto Finesse protection detail from £200

Similar to the Protection detail with thorough detailed process with an in-depth 1-3 stage paint enhancement to remove swirls, scratches and paint defects.


  1. -Auto Finesse Citrus power pre-wash applied to wheels and lower half then rinsed
  2. -wheels/arches cleaned using Auto Finesse imperial wheels cleaner and various brushes
  3. -Vehicle foamed with avalanche foam then rinsed at high pressure
  4. -Door shuts detailed using Auto Finesse Verso APC and prepared for protection
  5. -Vehicle washed using Auto Finesse Lather & two bucket method and dried with plush microfiber towels
  6. -Badges & detailed areas cleaned with Auto Finesse Verso APC
  7. – Auto Finesse Iron out used to remove any metal contamination/ baked on brake dust
  8. -Paint and glass clay’d to remove all bonded contamination
  9. -Re-washed using safe two-bucket wash technique
  10. -Tar deposits removed using Auto Finesse Oblitarate
  11. -Paint work polished with a pre-wax cleanser Autuo Finesse Rejuvinate using a DA machine polisher adding a deep rich gloss. (including door shuts)
  12. ***optional Enhancement Detail***
  13. **Auto Finesse 3 stage machine polish to remove any swirls or paint defects from £300**
  14. -Auto Finesse Tough Coat paint sealant applied
  15. -Auto Finesse Desire limited luxury Wax applied for protection
  16. -All plastic trim conditioned with Auto Finesse Revive
  17. -wheels polished and sealed Auto Finesse Mint Rims
  18. -Inner wheel arches dressed with Auto Finesse Dressle
  19. -Tires sealed with Auto Finesse Satin
  20. -Glass cleaned with Auto Finesse Crystal
  21. -Water repellent treatment applied making safer driving in wet conditions (last upto 30.000 miles)
  22. -Metal or bright work polished with Mercury metal polish
  23. -Vehicle finished with Auto Finesse Finale detailing spray!