Enhancement Detail



this enhancement detail is similar to our protection detail, but primarily designed to remove swirls marks*, light scratches and buffer trails using abrasive polishes and correct rotary and DA machine polishes to give high gloss sharp reflections.

average time to complete 10+ hours

1-3 days will be given for this detail upon consultation


Prices start from £300

  • Citrus pre-wash applied to wheels and lower half then rinsed
  • wheels/arches cleaned using acid free cleaner and various brushes
  • iron x used to remove any metal contamination/ baked on brake dust
  • vehicle foamed with a citrus snow foam then rinsed at high pressure
  • door shuts cleaned
  • washed using two bucket method and dried with plush microfiber towels
  • detailed areas cleaned with APC
  • all paint and glass clay’d & decontaminated to remove all bonded contamination 
  • re-washed using safe two-bucket wash technique
  • remove all tar deposits
  • paintwork assessed & measured using a paint thickness gauge to ensure safe polishing
  • single stage machine polish to reduce swirls, holograms & minor imperfections adding high levels of gloss
  • premium carnauba wax or paint sealant applied
  • all plastic trim treated with a weather resistant sealant
  • wheel face protected with ptfe based sealant
  • inner wheel arches dressed
  • tire preserve applied
  • glass cleaned & polished
  • any metal or bright work polished 
  • vehicle finished with a quick detailing spray!






*NOTE* All prices quoted are for vehicles in average condition,heavily soiled vehicles may result in small additional cost due to extra time taken and products used.

Cancellation’s in less than 48 hours to time of arrival will be charged 50% of the price quoted.