Protection detail offer,

We are offering one of our greatest offers yet with every protection detail, following you’re detail you will receive TWO of our maintenance details absolutely FREE valued unto £100.


  • Citrus pre-wash applied to wheels and lower half then rinsed
  • wheels/arches cleaned using acid free cleaner and various brushes
  • iron x used to remove any metal contamination/ baked on brake dust
  • vehicle foamed with a citrus snow foam then rinsed at high pressure
  • door shuts cleaned
  • washed using two bucket method and dried with plush microfiber towels
  • detailed areas cleaned with APC (door shuts,badges etc)
  • all paint and glass clay’d to remove all bonded contamination
  • re-washed using safe two-bucket wash technique
  • remove all tar deposits
  • paint work polished with a pre-wax cleanser using a DA machine polisher adding a deep rich gloss. (including door shuts)
  •  x2 layers of  wax applied to paintwork (including door shuts)
  • all plastic trim treated with a trim protective weather resistant sealant to protect against UV fading
  • wheel face sealed with a heat resistant protection sealant
  • inner wheel arches dressed
  • tire preserve applied
  • glass cleaned & a water repellent treatment applied making safer driving in wet conditions 
  • any metal or bright work polished and protected
  • vehicle finished with a quick detailing spray!


Heres what you receive on two separate visits FREE!

  • All rubbish/litter removed
  • vents dusted
  • interior fully vacuumed (boot & luggage space)
  • Matt’s removed & cleaned
  • all interior plastics cleaned (foot pedals cleaned)
  • glass cleaned


  • wheels cleaned (including inner wheel) with ph neutral cleaner & various brushes
  • vehicle foamed with a citrus snow foam then rinsed
  • washed using two bucket & sheepskin wash mitt then dried
  • door shuts cleaned
  • glass cleaned
  • tyre dressing applied
  • wax or sealant protection top up applied
  • vehicle finished with a quick detailing spray!